Why fermented foods?

Fermented foods offer real nutritional benefits and a diverse flavors that are delicious and engage digestion.  

This is supported both by modern science and millennia of human cultural traditions. 

While the internet is not lacking in fermentation knowledge, we wanted to give you a little info on our website, too. But don't stop here—we want you to continue searching and then share with friends. This stuff is good for everyone. 


Fermentation & Human Culture

The debate is no longer really about how humans began fermenting, but rather, how fermentation created humans. Fermentation is so inextricable of our existance that to consider the lack of importance fermented foods have played in American lives for nearly a century is surprising. The revival is in part related to local agriculture, but also an increased awareness in not only health, but happiness. 



In our opinion, Kombucha seems to be frequently cheapened as a force carbonated soda that happens to once have been fermented. Harvest Roots embraces Kombucha outside of a "cure-all" medicine and sees it as a culture cornered by certain trends and lifestyles. Though, fortunately, this allows a really exciting and burgeoning marketplace for Kombucha where we can dedicate our passion for plants, herbal medicine, and foraging into a really delicious and enjoyable live cultured beverage. Never force carbonated. Always raw. Always organic. Kombucha embraced as a true fermented product and a platform for exhibiting plants. 


Veggie Ferments

Vegetable fermentation has been the key method of preservation for winter sustenance and over abundance. It is an amazing way to extend the growing season. Since the beginning of the 21st century, lactofermented vegetables in the U.S. have experienced a resurgence. Folks seek ferments for complex, delicious flavors, to satiate a savory desire, but also frequently due to nostalgia of their grandma's sauerkraut or pickles. Fermented vegetables are undeniably good for your digestion, and are an invaluable source of vitamins and minerals.