Customers, friends and family, 

You heard it right. We are totally relocating our business and life to beautiful Birmingham, AL. Our kombucha taproom and production space will be located directly beside Tropicaleo in Avondale Mills (the plaza beside Cahaba Brewing). We are slated to be finished with construction in Early 2020.

How Did This Come to Be?

About one and a half years ago, we realized we needed to move our business to an urban area to accomplish the goals we had for Harvest Roots. For years, we’ve been running our business in the beautiful hilly and mountainous region of Northeastern AL. But, why did we end up there in the first place? 

More than four years ago, we realized our fermentation business was way more ripe than our farming business. In knowing this, we also knew we had to get a certified kitchen to take our fermentation business to the next level. We looked around Birmingham, asked local resources, tasked for local food initiatives, teased renting catering kitchens, and even almost rented the back end of a rural Alabama VFW.

In the end, by chance of fate sprinkled with some mysticism, we found a tiny kitchen in Mentone, Alabama in the back of Little Rive Hardware. Stan Lawton, former owner of Little River Hardware, welcomed us into this community with open arms. We upended our life and packed our bags and headed for this beautiful town.

In 2015, we blew out of that 150 sq ft space. With Stan’s help, we built a larger kitchen (500sq ft +/-) on the other side of the hardware store. This was 2016. We have now blown out of that too in 2019. 

Fermenting in our current kitchen in Mentone.

Fermenting in our current kitchen in Mentone.

In the late winter of 2018, we realized that we needed to be closer to the city in order to further our impact and reach our goals. Birmingham provides us an opportunity to be closer to a central hub for local agriculture, closer to the city we love and closer to the core customer base we’ve built in Birmingham since 2014.

We love Birmingham. We love its people, our customers, our friends, our family, the food, the coffee, the beer, the outdoors, the parks. It is our home. 

What to Expect in the Transition: 

Harvest Roots will continue production in Mentone until our new space is completed, we anticipate our new facility opening in early 2020. We will split time between overseeing construction in Birmingham, and production in our Mentone facility. Once our Birmingham space is completed, we will be producing full time in Birmingham.

We anticipate no real hiccups in production. In fact, we anticipate a growth in production, efficiency, and the quality of product during this transitional period. This is in part to newer equipment, and employee help. We will also be distributing through Pinnacle Imports so there will be less issues with stockage than ever before.

What to Expect from Our New Production Space and Taproom:

Our new production space (Late Spring/Early Summer 2020) will feature an upgraded, state of the art brewhouse, fermenters, and packaging. This means more product, higher quality, more consistency, more flavors, more availability. 

Our taproom will feature 15 taps for kombucha. We will also have a host of flagship flavors, combined with small batch seasonal fun stuff, kombucha slushies, and even draft mocktails. Eventually, we will serve cocktails, and other alcoholic beverages. 

Photo by Xavier Moore

Photo by Xavier Moore

Our taproom will also feature a ferment forward menu, focusing on small bites like kimchi dusted popcorn, pickle boards and toast with an emphasis on local and regional foods. The very point of our food will be using local and regional sourcing of grains, vegetables, etc. No BS. Simple and innovative dishes, made with the best ingredients. 

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