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Beet Kvass

It's the deepest red, it's salty, and yes—it's probiotic! 

Folks enjoy taking a shot or drinking a bottle of this briney probiotic beverage every day to stay on top of digestion and energy. Beet Kvass also does a number for athletes in recovery stage as well as hydration. And it also is great for hangovers...

As it is predigested by the ferment process, Kvass has many advantages over freshly pressed beet juice that is mainly a sugar punch to your body. Fermented beet kvass is rich in antioxidants as well as vitamins and minerals that you body can actually digest due to fermentation (rather than just peeing red). Combined with natural probiotics, Kvass makes for an amazing one-two punch to the gut as a salad dressing or even with seltzer and a lemon slice!

Seasonal offerings include Golden Beet Kvass and other special edition varieties that can most often be found at our Farmers Market booths.